2019 Spring / Summer Fashion Street

Is the leopard pattern coming back?


In 2019, leopard patterned outfits seem to be re-fashioned. I don’t know whether you like leopar patterned clothing but you should be ready to see these patterns and colors everywhere again. What do you think about this situation?


Stop, it’s not over!



This year not only leopard patterned clothes on the streets, everyone missed the old, right? How about going to the 1980s? I don’t remember much when I was a baby at the time but I believe I will see plenty of 1980s this year. Because this is the biggest room of the year 1980 clothes. Even if the clothes are new, the designs probably seem to be older than us.

Do you want some bow while you’re gone?


I love butterflies all the time and I am very happy that fashion reminds me of it with bows this year. Everywhere you look, hair, clothes or accessories as we come to our mind and everywhere you do not come to these tiny butterfly figures will be better this year is the year of the colorful bows!

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